Over the years we have seen huge numbers of quality websites, and an even vaster number of lower quality ones!   From time to time we come across a real gem though and this page is dedicated to those, pages we really like the look of and want to share, as we know our loyal followers really appreciate that.

Reddit – a great social sharing site that seems to go from strength to strength, just when others are falling by the way!.   We regularly share using Reddit.

Meetup – a great place to network offline and find new work, new friends and just to be social!

Bloglovin – Does just what it says on the tin, a great place to list and share your own blogs, and the best of blogs you find on your journey around the blogosphere.

Medium – A top publishing site if there ever was one, my profile contains just a few of the great posts I have made over the years.

Brasskangaroo – John Malcolms profile is here, he used to write for us full time, now works semi-part time!

Eklablog – This is a French Language blog which I enjoy contributing to, to features a french translation of many of our better articles.

There are so many many more, when I have a moment I’ll update and expand this page further, but for now, there are some great sites above which should give you a taster and get you started.