Professional publishing site

Over the last 15 years we have been developing professional publishing sites, which allow webmasters to write and publish their own content for free, we have a lot of success with this back in 2004 but then along came Google’s Panda and other updates which pushed up the criteria of quality over and above what we were achieving back then.

Have spent a few years working on other projects we have decided to return to our favourite niche which is quality content and have now launched a website that caters for just that.

Brasskangaroo – yep I know it is an unusual and odd sounding name but then a lot of the sites that operate in this niche are like that, the name has stuck with me and I got the idea from a souvenir shop whilst on holiday in Cape Verde!  It is funny how ideas come to you, but anyway this one arrived by chance.

What the site allows you to do is to create and publish rich content it needs to have images as a minium but we ideally want videos too, so that way the content is engaging and has a highly attractive looks and feel it.

The site already looks very attractive so we are confident that in time it will grow and develop its own followers and reputation.

Anyway if you are a professional content write then visit our site and feel free to submit your content, we are very particular about what gets published but if you standards are good then you’ll get listed.